Posted by Jean Kresse
Happy New Year!  This is the time of year when you resolve to do something different, something more, something to help others, or to improve yourself. If you are like most folks, your resolution ends shortly after the New Year begins. I know that isn’t true for everyone. There are those among us that really do lose weight, exercise more, and provide a helping hand.
The great thing about resolutions is that you can take the next 52 weeks to accomplish them. Keeping that in mind, won’t you join me in accomplishing at least one of the resolutions to give more to Rotary? 
  • Volunteer – there are opportunities to do so in Story County and through our Rotary Club. This year consider hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student! More details to come on that. Or, if you haven’t done so before, volunteer with your fellow members at Iowa Special Olympics. 
  • Contribute – if you aren’t already making a quarterly gift to Polio Plus consider starting that in 2020. If you already are donating quarterly, consider increasing your gift, by $5 or more. 
  • Invite a guest – you have a great opportunity to invite a guest at the club meeting on January 27 meeting. Please think about potential members and invite them early! This is the one time you can bring a guest and not have to cover the cost of their lunch, because the club is covering guest lunches.
  • Join a committee – during our club meetings we have highlighted the committees in place for this year. If you need a refresh on what opportunities there are reach out to me.
  • Suggest a program idea – each year we have about 48 programs presented at our club meetings. If you have an idea for a speaker reach out to Chad. He’ll do his best to fit it into the schedule.  
I wish each and every one a Happy 2020. May this year be the one that you stick to your resolution and hopefully one will include the Rotary Club of Ames. 
Jean Kresse
Club President 2019 - 2020