May is my favorite month of the year; in part because it’s my birthday month, but mostly it’s due to the freshly tilled fields and new growth we see all around us.    


I am also reminded on a daily basis how lucky I am to live in such a great community.  This was especially shown a few weeks ago when we had a special “brag bucket” to brag about where we volunteer and how much we as Rotarians do in our community.   On average each of us volunteers 275 hours per year; which means as a club, we volunteer a total of 57,750 hours.  To put that in dollars, it calculates to $1,394,000.  WOW, what an impact for this community.


Looking forward, May is also “Youth Service Month” and our Gilbert Junior Rotarians will give a special presentation on May 7th highlighting everything they have done this year.  These Junior Rotarians will inform us all about how much money they have raised and what organizations in this community will benefit from their efforts.


Then we end our May meetings on May 16th with a fabulous celebration on being a club that is 100% Paul Harris.  We also will recognize and honor those Rotarians who have given even more than just the first level to the Rotary Foundation to help make a difference in this community and in our world.  I would love to see all of you attend and please bring a guest to make this celebration even better.


No matter how you look at it, Ames is a great community to live and be a part of, and what a difference each and every one of you are doing to help “Make a difference” in this world.  I am so proud of this club.


Thank you all!!!!


Don Borcherding

Club President