Posted by Jean Kresse
The theme Rotary Connects the World took on a whole new meaning these past 3 months. We are now connecting locally and in an entirely new way – Zoom, Facebook Live, Teams, Hang Outs, What’s App and Facebook Messenger – to name just a few of the platforms we us to connect. It is amazing how well our Rotary membership has adapted to our new way of meeting. Thank you for making this change and for continuing to show up.  I believe we have seen some Rotarians join our Zoom meetings that we haven’t seen at a regular club meeting for some time – welcome back. 
As the Rotary year winds down, I want to take a few moments to reflect on what I’ll miss by not being the club president and what I’ve learned:
  • I’ll miss hearing the singing from the podium. It is amazing how beautiful you all sound from the front of the room.  I’ve learned that even hearing one Rotary member sing through Zoom is still beautiful. Thank you Louis, Jon and Jeff.
  • I’ll miss striking the bell, having everyone rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I’ve learned that we have a lot to be proud of living under the American flag.
  • I’ll miss having lunch with Karin. I’ve learned that she is a remarkable woman that keeps the president and the entire Rotary Club of Ames running smoothly.
  • I’ll miss the opportunity to visit with nearly every speaker that presents to our club. I’ve learned that everyone has a story to share and that you can get to know someone fairly quickly over lunch. 
  • I’ll miss shaking the hands of new members. I’ve learned that all of us have a responsibility of welcoming new members, even if we aren’t able to shake their hand.
  • I won’t miss having my photo taken. I’ve learned I am a lot shorter than I believe I am (photos don’t lie).
The incoming leadership – President Chad Copley, President-Elect Kelsey Carper, and President-Designee Drew Kamp have already been meeting and the plans they are making will help our club grow even stronger.
I have been honored to help lead the club this year. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity.
Jean Kresse
Club President 2019 - 2020