Posted by Jean Kresse
Greetings to all this festive holiday season! This time of year is busy indeed, but it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year.  I hope when you do so, you will spend a little time reflecting on your Rotary year as well.
Ask yourself, did I give as much as I received from Rotary? Did I volunteer at least once? Did I greet members at the door? Did I help at the opening ceremony for Special Olympics? Am I serving on a Rotary committee? Did I make a contribution to Polio Plus? When was the last time I proposed someone for membership? Did I bring at least one guest to a club meeting?
If you can answer yes to one or more of these, thank you. Our club will be strong because of each individual members’ contributions.
The goal for this year is membership engagement. If you haven’t found a way to be more involved, please talk to me, or any member of the board. We want to make sure that we match your passions to something our Rotary Club of Ames offers.
If you are someone that sets resolutions for the New Year, I hope that one of yours includes how to become even more engaged in the club.  Happy Holidays!
Jean Kresse
Club President 2019 - 2020