WOW!   I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.  It seems like just the other day I was trying to figure out what I would say in my first newsletter, and now I am sitting here writing this last newsletter as your president.  We have had a great year.  I appreciated everyone’s cooperation and willingness to be open to a few of the changes implemented this year. 


One of the first items is that we had three socials in place of regular meetings.  The first was for the eclipse, the second was a membership push at Jethro’s where we invited the Ames Young Professionals members to learn more about Rotary, and the third was the week of spring break.  I have received some good feedback and believe Brian Dieter will continue this new tradition.


Another change I tried was internally and how the board conducts business.   The budget was simplified so that the board had more control over the dollars contributed back to the community.  We modified the club’s by-laws and brought them in line with Rotary International’s, and current with today’s expectations.  This next year, we’ll work to bring the club policies up-to-date.   I really want to thank the Board for all their tough decisions and work throughout the year.


Third, I appreciate members sharing of their Rotary Moment.   I want to thank those that were willing to stand at the podium for this purpose.  Of course, I wanted to make sure we had Paul Lasley and “the brag bucket” the third Monday of every month.   Finally, I moved the announcements to the end of the meeting and left you with the “thought of the day”.


We worked to meet all the Rotary International President’s goals including reporting volunteer hours and dollars this club has given over the year.   A big thank you to Jim Patton and Jeff Iles who coordinated the effort to plant a tree or shrub for every member in this club.  We more than accomplished our goal for District Governor Mike Ruby and the “Bikes for Mike” campaign.   The only goal we fell short of was to increase our club membership.   I know this will be very important going forward and one I am sure that Brian will be talking about.   It would be a huge mistake if I did not also mention or thank Karin Sevde, the glue that holds this club together and makes it run so smoothly.


I have really enjoyed this year and everything that we have accomplished as a club.  I can honestly say none of this would be possible if it was not for each and every one of you.  Everything is possible because you really do care and want to “Make a Difference” in our community and in this world. 


Finally, I want to thank you all for this opportunity to serve as your president.  I am blown away that you trusted me in this roll.   I’m both honored and humbled for this opportunity.  I will never forget the experience, advice and support I received from each of you.  Thank you all very much!!!!


Don Borcherding

Club President