Posted by Chad Copley

We are finally experiencing some spring like weather in Iowa!  Iowans are blessed to get to experience the good and the bad of all four seasons.  When we start to feel warmer weather and observe snow changing to rain, and brown changing to green, we can also rest assured that Rotary is working to equip and prepare our future leaders. 

Spring brings Rotary training assemblies, district conferences and the always important, President Elect training.  As you are probably aware, we team up with several other Rotary districts geographically, and utilize our combined efforts to form a North Central President Elect Training Seminar (NCPETS).  While this year’s training was virtual, it is such a great way to highlight the importance of our club’s leadership succession commitment.  It is so important for any organization to have a leadership succession strategy, but for a volunteer service organization, it is even more important.  Time and focus can be maintained when you have a three year presidential succession strategy.  We even keep our past president on our board, thank you Jean Kresse! 

I was fortunate to participate in NCPETS for two consecutive years leading up to the beginning of my term as club president, and this year we were blessed to have Kelsey Carper, President Elect, and Kent Frankenfeld, President Elect Designee, both participate.  This past year has presented challenges beyond what was anticipated for club meetings, fellowship, services and our finances. In addition to current pandemic challenges, we face ongoing challenges regarding decreasing membership numbers locally and globally.  Our club is not alone, but we are not planning to keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Your board of directors, led by the past, present, and future presidents continue to meet and discuss ways to innovate and thrive.  

What an awesome job the Centennial Celebration committee, led by Jeff Johnson, did with our virtual centennial celebration on March 1st.  Again, a reminder that we hope and plan to celebrate together in person in September.  Celebrating the past and now welcoming the future.  What a great time to be a member of the Rotary Club of Ames.  The future is bright and it is in April upon the conclusion of our formal Rotary trainings, that I am reminded of that.  

Happy Spring!   

Chad Copley

Club President 2020 - 2021