Posted by Brian Dieter
March Madness is upon us!

Of course that means fanatics screaming for their favorite spring items- green grass, shorts, an ice free zone on the driveway, and maybe there’s something in there about basketball as well!

It looks like several local high school teams will visit the state tournament and both Cyclones and Hawkeyes will have plenty to cheer for during the conference tourneys as well as the NCAA championships.  What all good teams will have in common is a shared understanding of their goals and how each player contributes to the achievement of these goals.

I think this is much the same for us.  As a local club, our connections to Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation help give us a global perspective and provide a system to bring about improvements in our world.   Eradication of polio, increasing peace and global understanding, providing water and supporting communities all are a part of this global mission.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to help fund these efforts and celebrate these. Some, through direct involvement in global service are able to personally participate. 

However, at the local club level we all participate- in building membership, suggesting and scheduling and supporting varied programs and through helping to tell the Rotary story.

At last week’s meeting we had a speaker unable to make the journey to Ames so I asked those attending to answer a few questions about telling our story and how we can best showcase our club to visitors.  I’m looking forward to sharing a recap of these items for your consideration.  Remember, we all benefit from strengthening Rotary, and the best way to make our impact felt begins at our club level. 

Also- Go Cyclones!
Brian Dieter
Club President 2018 - 2019