Posted by Jean Kresse

Rotary Connects the World – this is the theme for Rotary this year. Our international president, Mark Maloney has four goals for this year: #1- Increase our Impact (we are doing this both locally with our centennial project at the Miracle Playground and Field) and internationally with our water projects; #2 – Expanding out Reach – this means growing Rotary by inviting new members and engaging current members; #3 – Enhance participant engagement – more opportunities so Rotarians are engaged both personally and professionally; and #4 – Adapt – we need to be willing and ready to make changes to meet the needs of our current and future members. 


You are hearing from committee chairs on what they are doing and how you can be engaged.  Here is a recap of the committees you have heard from so far:

    Program – Chad Copley invited you to help determine speakers at our weekly meetings. Coming up with 40 or more programs is a taunting task. As the chair you want to be sure that the presenters are engaging and have a strong message to share.  This is your chance to add value to the weekly meetings.

     Rotary International Foundation – Monica Porter and her committee are making it easy for you to support important Rotary initiatives such as Polio Plus.  As a Rotarian this is one significant way to really Connect the World. You don’t need to be a fund raiser to help every member find the joy in giving.

     Public Relations – Deb Malsom shared how the committee has increased our club’s social media presence through Facebook.  Did you know we had a YouTube presence? The committee is looking for photographers (amateur works), twitter master and an Instagram story teller.

     Membership – Kelsey Carper has a lot of ideas to bring new life to how the membership can entice members to sponsor someone as a new member, and wants your help to brainstorm even more ways to keep everyone engaged and excited to be a Rotarian.


You’ll hear from more committee chairs as the week’s progress. There are many opportunities for you to share your talents, lend a hand, or help shape the future of the Rotary Club of Ames.  I hope you say yes when asked.


Jean Kresse

Club President 2019 - 2020