Posted by Brian Dieter
June is here!  The beginning of all things summer.  Fresh on the heels of the Memorial Day weekend we move into summer officially in a few short weeks.  We also say hello to a Rotary New Year.  I’m pleased to know that Jean Kresse has already been preparing for the role of Club President.  She’s done a fantastic job of arranging programs this past year and has a few new approaches to add fun and fellowship to our club throughout the coming year.
We are so very close to making good on the pledge to provide the Miracle Field for our community in celebration of our club centennial.  We need $25,000 to put us over the top.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence, please make your gift now.
It’s been a privilege to serve as Club President for 2018-2019.  I want to thank the membership for their support, the music committee for taking their role seriously, Paul Lasley for brag bucket (and occasional chauffer) duties and of course, Karin Sevde.  Karin is the real hero behind the scenes.  Early in my term I said my goal was to not get us kicked out of Rotary International.  More than anything, Karin makes that happen.  She also provides the magic that allows the weekly meetings to go off without a hitch and keeps the Board on task.
We have a lot to be proud of- clubs can hide behind the Rotary ideals or use their assembled talents to live them.  I firmly believe we are a club that lives them.  From steadfast volunteer support for Special Olympics, to education on human trafficking and international water projects, you’ll find members of our club making a difference.  They are the heroes of our Rotary family!
I’ll miss hunting for a perfect thought for the day, but I’ll enjoy sitting at differing tables- I look forward to having lunch and fellowship with you again- soon!
Yours in Rotary,
Brian Dieter
President 2018 - 2019