Posted by Brian Dieter
We are on the other side of the polar vortex!  Congratulations!   If you’re reading this column, we made it!
I’m on the back stretch in my year as club president and one thing I’d like to finalize before I hand the gavel to Jean Kresse in June is the full funding of the club's centennial project- our $300,000 commitment to the Field at the Ames Miracle Park and Playground.  As you know, our club will celebrate its 100th year in 2021. A centennial committee helped to identify a project which would be consistent with Rotary ideals.  The fact that Rotary has led the worldwide effort to eliminate polio makes the tie to the Miracle Park a natural one.  Our best tribute to Rotarians both past and future is to help spread the message of Rotary, building interest and demonstrates we care about our communities.  Our progress to date has raised over $205,000 of the $300,000 pledge.  If you have given already, thank you.  If not, please consider being a part of this celebration of our Rotary club history.  For more info on the project, you can follow the link below.
I also want you to be aware of the Rotary District Conference coming up May 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The conference will be held in West Des Moines at the Sheraton - there will be a lot more information coming.  I’d like to specifically point out that a wonderful opportunity to attend will be Friday, May 3rd at 11:30, when the speaker will be Suku Radia, former CEO of Bankers Trust.  He's a wonderful asset to our state and you'll find his talk informative and entertaining. 
Brian Dieter
Club President 2018 - 2019