Aug 03, 2020
Iver Anderson, Rebecca Fer
Start Climate Change Mitigation with Clean Energy Innovations

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind must play a dominant role in the future, but must have major National investment in research and transmission infrastructure (grid expansion), along with a carbon tax incentive to become reality. The US should sign the Paris Climate Accord and initiate a strong National effort to comply with the greenhouse gas reduction objectives that are set forth in this important worldwide agreement. Citizen environmental conservation efforts should be encouraged across our land and all (new or existing) coal-fired power plants should incorporate provisions that are being developed for CO2 capture. Natural gas power plants should be refitted to burn renewable bio-mass natural gas or hydrogen, when needed research is completed. With the advantages of advanced materials research, new nuclear power plants should be built to provide dispatchable, carbon-free power with high efficiency and safety, but waste fuel reprocessing and storage sites must be built or opened, as soon as possible. Go out and buy a hybrid car or, better yet, a new bike, today!