Speaker Date Topic
Letitia Kenemer, Coordinator Dec 07, 2020
ISU Memorial Union Workspace
ISU Memorial Union Workspace

Nestled down a winding staircase in the basement of the ISU Memorial Union is the Workspace, which offers arts and crafts to the public. Letitia Kenemer has served as the Workspace’s coordinator for the past 18 years. Its biannual Art Mart sale started Nov. 18.

Letitia Kenemer is the art lady at the Memorial Union, managing the exhibits, permanent art collection and the Workspace art studios. She plans art events from classes and workshops to walk-in crafts, and now, due to the pandemic, Art-2-Go Kits. Through the MU she has introduced programming that bring awareness to and celebrates LGBTQIA+, survivors of human trafficking, under-represented groups, and women.

Simone Jean-Marie Renault Dec 14, 2020
Rotary Grant Scholar, London

Speaking from Los Angeles, the district’s recipient of a $30,000 Global Scholarship, Simone expresses her gratitude to the district and TRF for sponsoring her Graduate Program in Global Mental Health, Public Health and Psychiatry at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & King’s College, London.

No Club Meeting ~ Holiday Break Dec 21, 2020
No Club Meeting ~ Holiday Break Dec 28, 2020
Centennial Celebration Mar 01, 2021
Evening Gathering

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