As we reach the midpoint of the Rotary year, here are the results of contributions to date to the Foundation.
Annual Fund/SHARE (Paul Harris contributions)
Goal:  $28,750
Actual:  $15,188
The prior four-year average in Annual Fund giving for this period is $14,318.
Total Contributions
Actual YTD:  $58,950
Total contributions include Annual Fund, PolioPlus, approved Foundation grants, other giving,
and Endowment Fund contributions for the reporting period.
PolioPlus:  Actual YTD:  $6,026
Members who use recognition points:  Actual YTD:  26
Club programs about Foundation
Actual YTD: 2 plus 2 Foundation-related programs
Contributions per capita show the club with $67 (with membership of 226) compared with the district $45.
Monica Porter
Foundation Committee Chair