Jen Brekke
President Kent Frankenfeld, Jen Brekke and Rotarians Suzy & John Shierholz
Every school morning, you can find Jen welcoming Fellows elementary students with music and a bright smile. Jen illuminates every room she is in. Her sunny disposition and friendly demeanor create a welcoming and engaging environment for her students and colleagues. 
In her position as a Success Teacher for the Ames Community School District, she has the crucial task of teaching students how to read. She is an expert in the science of reading, and although she has instructed hundreds of children, she continues to be passionate and committed to every student. Her knowledge of reading instruction, her methodical approach, and her desire for continuous learning makes her a tremendous asset to our community. 
Jen exemplifies what a community teacher should be; welcoming, engaging, committed, inspiring, and full of love for their students.