Club President, Kent Frankenfeld, Becca Moore, Rotarian Brian Dieter
Becca Moore is the Director of Medical Surgery at Mary Greeley. The 6th floor of Mary Greeley’s West Tower is typically where patients recovering from surgery are cared for by a dedicated staff of nurses. During COVID-19, the floor was designated as the unit to be used should the number of admitted COVID-19 patients exceed capacity in other hospital areas.
It was no surprise that eventually, Mary Greeley had to activate their plan to use the 6th floor for COVID-19 patients. At times, half of the 30 beds on this floor were used for COVID patients, and at other times, the entire floor was dedicated to the pandemic. 
During this high-stress time, Becca guided the team on the 6th floor. She and her team had to make significant changes to how they care for people on their floor: extreme safety measures were put in place, requiring immediate training for staff. Staff had to properly don and doff personal protection equipment (PPE) many times a day. 
While caring for patients, Becca and her team also had to address the concerns of family members who could not visit. 
Becca always has a calm and caring presence, and she had to call on these traits like never before. The level of pressure on her and her team is difficult to describe. They were among those at the frontlines of the pandemic. While there were success stories, there was also more COVID-related death than anyone expected to experience. They cared for incredibly ill patients while worrying about their health and safety and the health and safety of the people they went home to. 
Becca’s dedicated and focused leadership successfully guided her team through one of the worst health crises they could ever imagine. 
Becca’s Rotarian sponsor is Brian Dieter.