Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles
Feb 18, 2019
Ty Smedes
Return of Iowa's Bald Eagles

A lifelong interest in nature and wildlife led to the purchase of Ty Smedes’ first 35mm camera, in 1980. As a hunter, he loved being in the field, and the camera allowed him to be there, during all times of the year. In 1983, the Iowa DNR became interested in publishing his waterfowl photos, and from there his interest evolved to include more of Iowa's wildlife, prairies, insects, and scenic vistas.

Then, as he travelled frequently to other parts of the Midwest and West, he began to include coverage from those areas as well. Eventually, his curiosity and love of nature led him to Brazil, seven different African Countries, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Ty’s ultimate goal is to help others enjoy, appreciate, and value our often fragile and threatened natural eco-systems and natural heritage. He hopes his photos will cause others to make important choices which will save declining habitats and improve our natural world.

Some of his photo credits include: The Smithsonian, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra, AAA Living, Outdoor Photographer, Our Iowa, The Iowan, and many more.

Ty will present on interesting discoveries about Iowa's Bald Eagles and how they go about their every-day lives in Iowa and the Midwest.