Polio and the Iron Lung
Nov 09, 2020 1:00 PM
Paul Alexander
Polio and the Iron Lung

Paul Alexander contracted Polio at the age of six and was paralyzed for life.   He is now 74 years old and one of only a handful still living in an iron lung.  Here is the YouTube link for the Rotary Club of Ames YouTube channel:

Paul learned to breathe on his own for short periods of time (by gulping air), which allowed him to attend college at SMU and then law school at the University of Texas.   He was an attorney for 35 years before he retired.    Paul learned about Rotary and it's promise to eradicate Polio worldwide late in the game.   He is a member of an E-Club which allows him to attend club meetings.  
Paul has written a book titled "Three Minutes for a Dog" which is available on Amazon or an E-book is $4.99.  He is in the process of writing a second book.
Please note that Paul has to speak on the exhale.   He also bit his tongue a few days ago and is dealing with a swollen tongue, so it is difficult to understand him at times.
He would like to thank all who attended today to hear his story.   We Thank Paul for his talk and Kent Frankenfeld for arranging this program focused on Polio for Rotary Foundation month.
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