By now, all of you have heard that our Rotary Club is committing $300,000 to have the naming rights to the Miracle League Field.  This is our signature project for our Centennial year which occurs in 2021.   On Monday March 6th Brian Dieter announced that we already had $110,387.09 raised towards meeting that goal.  He also announced that now is the time the rest of you can help to make this happen.  Currently we are $189,612.91 short of reaching our committed goal, which comes to approximately $1,000 per club member. 


This month you will be contacted by a member of the committee in person, by phone or mail asking for your help.  We hope you will consider making this gift in honor of the Centennial celebration and helping to recognize the great work the Rotary Club of Ames does for in this community.


The month of April also has National Volunteer Week, which is April 15th – 21st this year.  National Volunteer Week is an annual week of recognition, celebrated in many countries, honoring those who give generously of their time and resources to a variety of causes.   I would, as we did last year, like to celebrate and give recognition to all the great work our members accomplish in our communities.  So how will we do that this year?  

We will have a full meeting of just “The Brag Bucket!”  We will have a special Brag Bucket on Monday April 16th, during National Volunteer Week, focused on learning about all the different ways our members give back to our community.  So please come prepared to "brag" and tell us about where you volunteer, or about those who have volunteered to help your organization.

I also think it would be amazing to find out how many hours, we as individuals volunteer to help others in our communities.  Please bring with you, an approximate number of hours you volunteer your time each month or year.  We will gather those numbers and compute them out during the meeting and announcement the number of hours at the end of the meeting.  I am sure the number of hours we collectively volunteer will blow our mind.

I am excited to hear from all of you and learning about new ways we can all get involved in our community.