Wow, the last two and a half years has really gone fast since I first agreed to step into the President’s role.  Now I am excited, nervous and extremely humbled to be given this opportunity.   As you all know, Rotary has been around for over 100 years.   If Rotary is to continue for the next 100 years, we all have to make changes and adjust to the new and younger generations coming after us.  As I look to this next year, I have four main areas in which I would like to focus:
1.)    Membership:
This has to be the main focus, because we need new members for our Rotary Club of Ames to stay in existence.  I have challenged Jean Kresse, our Membership Chair, to come up with a membership drive to help get new members.  In doing so, the board of directors has approved that a Young Professional (those who are under 40 year of age) will get a 30% discount on their meals.   This includes any new members coming in or any existing members who request it. 
2.)    Make it Relevant:
Why are you here?  Why do you keep showing up?  I want to make this club relevant to you so you get out of it what you want.  If you are happy coming each week for a meal and visiting with friends and other Rotarians, fantastic!   If you are someone who wants to be more involved, I will include in our newsletter and an email to each of you a listing of all our committees and what they do.  I invite you to join one or more of those committees and get involved. 
3.)    Listen to you:

I want to hear from you.  Talk to me after a meeting, or my cell phone, personal email, work email and work phone number are all listed in the directory and I work at Greater Iowa Credit Union on Lincoln Way & Grand, stop in anytime.  From the latest survey I heard:
·         Fellowship, we heard you want more
·         Costs, we heard you want it lowered
·         Music, some liked and some wanted to get rid of it
·         Service - several new opportunities await!
·         A club survey – coming sometime this year
o   What do you want to keep doing
o   What do you want to change
o   What do you want to stop
4.)    Goals :
            District Governor, Mike Ruby
o   Membership – increase 3%
o   Foundation – increase 5%, also increase the number of Benefactors, number of Bequest society members and number of Paul Harris Society members
o   Public Image – increase our online presence, our social media presence and our Print media presence
o   Rotary Moments – 2 times a month
§  We will do this and I will be asking others to share their Rotary moment with the club  and I will give you time to prepare for this
o   District Governor’s focus for a cause - Bicycles (World Bicycle Relief)
Rotary International President’s, Ian Riseley
o   Plant a tree
o   Track Volunteer hours
o   Track volunteer Dollar’s
The theme this year is “Making a Difference”.  I know that this club already makes a difference in this community and the world with all your time, talent and money. I do want to let all of you know that you make a difference to me and my Rotary experience, and you have made me a better person.  I try harder to make a difference every day and in the lives of those I meet.  I just hope that in this next year, I can make a little difference in your Rotary life as well.
Don Borcherding
Club President